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    Roofing Services in Cambridge & surrounding areas


    Residential and commercial roofing services in Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph & all surrounding areas. We offer roofing consultation services which include complete analysis of your present roof conditions, inspection of structural components, roof deck and roof insulation.

    Let SMART TOUCH ROOFING take a look at your roof and discuss your needs to keep your roof in GREAT condition and give it an extended life! We are the Cambridge Roofing specialists!

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    At Smart Touch Roofing, our knowledgeable experts can help improve the look of your flat roof. With over 18 years of experience, Smart Touch Roofing delivers a number of roofing installations, maintenance and repair services to home and business owners in Cambridge , and throughout Southern Ontario.
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    Why Choose
    Smart Touch Roofing?
    We understand that each property is unique and requires a different approach to achieve the best results. Our certified, trained installers can provide you with the options that can adequately restore your roof. We will set up tarps around your home to prevent any damage, so you can have peace of mind while we work on your property.
    Roofing Services in Cambridge & surrounding areas

    The roofing consultation services that you need

    If you have a home, you will understand when we say the house needs repairs. And sometimes, there comes a time when everything stops working, and you are just going crazy with how much you have to get repaired. A similar situation happens with your roof. One day your roof is fine, but the next day you notice some leaks and cracks in it.

    In such a situation, you will need our assistance, one of the best roofing companies in Cambridge. We have been working as roofers in Cambridge, Ontario, for the past many years, providing our team with extensive experience in all kinds of roofing issues.

    So, if you are planning to get your roof changed or repaired after it got damaged, started leaking, or got infested with pests, then all you need to do is get in touch with us, and we will take care of everything from there. From inspecting your roof to providing you with affordable quotes and changing/ repairing the roof to giving the final inspections and touches, we do it all. You don’t have to worry about a single thing. We will ensure that your roof stays in the top shape because it is the first wall of defense against all calamities.

    We are the perfect roofing contractors in Cambridge for all your roofing issues. So don’t wait; get your roof inspected today!

    Roofing Services in Cambridge & surrounding areas

    What can we do for you?

    Roof Replacement

    Your roof is exposed to many foreign elements and physical and chemical stresses. These factors weaken your roof with time, and that is what we call a normal aging process of the roof. However, poor ventilation, errors in roof replacement, and stress concentration can cause the lifespan to become shortened. This is where we come in; our skilled team members can replace the roof in the best possible way to preserve it.

    Roof Repairing

    With time, the roof’s condition starts to deteriorate, and if minor problems and defects are not repaired timely, they can majorly affect your roof and the whole system. Repairing is crucial because if the roof doesn’t work correctly, then everything else will also stop working. But we are here to repair even the smallest issue in your roof.

    Roof inspection and maintenance

    If you think that your roof is not in its best shape anymore, or if you want to get your roof maintained, then Smart Touch roofing is the best solution. Because we can inspect your roof for any issues, we can also send a team that will carry out the maintenance tasks for your roof, so its lifespan expands.



    How do I know that I need a new roof?

    If you were there when the new roof was being installed, you might get the answer to your question when you see the current situation of your roof. For example, if your roof is broken, has holes, is more than 25 years old, or has missing shingles or leaks. Then it is time to get your roof repaired or get a new one from your trusted roofing companies in Cambridge.

    How much will a new roof cost?

    Every roof is different because of its make, age, environment, and the area on which it is placed (sq. ft.), which is why we have different pricing for every roof. The easy way to determine how much your new roof or roof repair will cost is to get in contact with us so that we may inspect your roof and give you a just quote. Don’t worry; our prices are affordable, and there are no hidden charges; you will only pay our roofing company in Cambridge as much as it will take to make a new roof or repair your roof.

    Should I replace the roof myself?

    Roofing isn’t an easy job, and while undoubtedly there will be many jobs you can DIY around your house, roofing isn’t and shouldn’t be one of those jobs. Unfortunately, more people fall to their deaths while repairing roofs than drowning cases. So, your first priority should be your safety, and the easiest way to stay safe is by hiring certified professionals to carry out roof repairs and changes.

    Apart from this, roof repairing isn’t a one-person job, which is why our team of skilled professionals will do it for you so that you can stay safe.

    When to do roof replacement?

    There is no fixed time when you should replace your roof. There is no roofing season because we work all year long. However, summers are busier than winters (due to snowfall).

    So, whenever you feel like your roof needs a repair or needs changing, you can get in touch with us, and we will do it gladly!


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